Random stuff!

BrunoLM the dev for fun

Project ideas

  • chrome extension that saves Bings response before it deletes it (ex: asking Bill Burr jokes)
  • personal AI, every person can teach their own AIs their own stuff and the AI would be able to answer
  • AI to recommend tools based on similarity, description, etc
  • AI to recommend movies based on genre, similarity, description, etc
  • AI to recommend games based on genre, similarity, description, etc
  • AI to read all the backlog of the project (Trello etc) and be able to provide answers about business rules etc
  • AI version of Phoenix Wright
  • AI girlfriend with video/voice
  • a tool that allows you to take screenshot of some numbers and it sums the all up
  • app that has a special ctrl+c that gets the text from your clipboard, generates a summary and display/recopies to your clipboard
  • a tool that takes a screenshot of the screen and allows the user to search for some text in it
  • chrome extension that can translate timezones from natural language and show in a grid like format with N options of timezones
  • Discord bot to reply to people asking the same question over and over about some announcement that explains everything but they asked questions before reading patch notes/annoucements/updates
  • make a competitor to Greenhouse and sell to all Greenhouse and TalentWall clients for half the price
  • website AI that changes peoples hair color
  • a GraphQL consumer package for Python
  • message translator that changes a message to another one in a different communication style
  • git alias that translates natural language into commands, like git n get current branch name, git n pull remote branch
  • app to get emails received in the last 5 minutes and scan for "confirmation codes" and copy to clipboard
  • mobile browser/extension that allows you to screenshot a website and annotate
  • dating app that when you match with someone you can schedule an interview, the interview has a list of questions you can ask so you don't need to know what to say you can just follow a script
  • a ctrl+f search that find words by similarity