Bruno L. Michels

Senior developer with 13+ years of experience. I want to be developing with JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Angular, React, C#. I enjoy logic challenges.

What I do?

I prefer to use React or Angular to build the frontend layer. I'm not very skilled at designing things myself, but I can bring to life designs made by pros. I've created many Landing Pages.
I prefer to use Node.js or C# to build the backend layer. One thing that motivates me a lot is figuring out how to solve complex algorithms or complex problems.
I use Docker a lot, it makes my life easier in a lot of different scenarios. I can easily spin up containers to handle database and applications for me.
My favorite code editor is VSCode. I've been using it since before it made into version 1.0.
Github is my favorite, but I've also worked with GitLab and BitBucket in the past.
On my spare time I sometimes do Live Streams on Youtube and/or work on some Github projects.
I have a lot of experience using Slack for communication and I can easily setup many different types of integrations. I'm also a fan of Discord.
My favorite Operational System is Windows. I can run any software on it as it supports Docker, so creating or working on apps created from a Mac/Linux machine is not an issue. It also has a Linux subsystem that allows me to use Linux inside Windows. I also have experience creating PowerShell scripts as well as Bash scripts.


I like to play games, Path of Exile, etc
I like to watch Animes and read Manga.

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