I’m Bruno, a fellow developer with over 17 years of experience that likes to build stuff.

I’ve been working mostly with Web Development using
JavaScript, TypeScript, Nullstack, React, Angular, Node.js, C#, SQL.

I’ve built many custom-tailored internal systems and tools to manage entire companies. And I've also worked on websites that were used by millions of users.

I love building tools to increase agency, since I started coding, I’ve been creating tools to make myself and the companies I worked for more productive.

I’ve asked and answered a lot of questions on Stack Overflow. I'm a member since 2010 and I’ve gotten a lot of reputation points (over 97,000), making me the top 0.16% overall. I’ve also had a lot of fun on CodeWars, solving a lot of different challenges and climbing up to kyu 2.

If you want to hire me, drop me an email at: [email protected]

I'm currently open to new opportunities.

Bruno's Skills

NameYearsSinceSO Badge
SQL Server92008
Material UI52016

Favorite technologies, languages, frameworks

Bruno Leonardo Michels' favorite programming language and technologies are: JavaScript, TypeScript, Nullstack, React, Angular, Node.js, C#, Dotnet Core.
Favorite OS: Windows

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Nullstack
  • React
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • C#

What I do?

As a Senior Software Engineer, I develop and blog about various technologies. My expertise lies in JavaScript and C#, as well as frameworks and libraries such as Nullstack, React, Node.js, Dotnet Core and Next.js.

I help businesses grow by building applications that solve their problems. That is not limited to clients, if I work for an agency, I'm going to do everything in my power to make the agency itself better. I love working on internal tools, increasing agency, creating/optimizing processes.


Nullstack is a great tool for me, as it enables me to work efficiently and avoid unnecessary complexity. I can concentrate on the functionality and deliverables of my projects. I also have plenty of experience with React and Angular and can work with them with ease.


Nullstack is my preferred tool for building backends as well, but I can also adapt to Node.js or C#. I have experience building applications with Next.js, Express, and dotnet core. I find it very rewarding to solve complex algorithms or problems and implement them in code, I got to kyu 2 in CodeWars by solving challenges.

VSCode is my preferred code editor. I have been using it since its early stages of development (before version 1.0).

Github is my preferred platform for version control and collaboration, but I also have experience with Azure, GitLab, and BitBucket.

On my spare time I sometimes do Live Streams on Youtube and/or work on some Github projects.

I am very used to Slack and I can configure various types of integrations and make new plugins. One of my projects is called Genos (a reference to One Punch Man), it's a bot for Slack that I always adapt to my current context. I also have experience with Discord and could work with it as well. I do use Discord for side projects and gaming.

Windows is my preferred operating system. It allows me to run any software I need with Docker and WSL support. I've been using Windows for development since I started.

Docker can be very useful, as it simplifies many different scenarios. I can quickly create and manage containers to run databases and applications for my projects. But if I have the choice I'll always choose to code directly as it's simpler and faster.

Who am I?

Here are some facts about Bruno Leonardo Michels

Is a self-taught developer, and I have been developing software for over 15 years. I have worked on projects of my own that got over 1 million downloads.

Believes that autonomous people are at least 10x more productive than people who are not, quite literally.

Values autonomy and challenges that allow me to apply my creativity and problem-solving skills.

Hobbies include watching anime, reading manga, playing games, and developing software.

Has a blog where I write about software development, and I have a YouTube channel where I share some content.

Built the internal system for hiring, onboarding, allocations on a couple companies.

Automated a lot of processes, and reports, saving hundreds of hours of work.

Speaks fluent English and Portuguese.

Would rather stay at home playing games instead of going out.

Don't drink alcohol, but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Is over 30 years old.

Loves Bing AI!

Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet, and other folks at Microsoft and Stack Overflow were of great inspiration.

Online handle is usually BrunoLM.

You can reach out via Email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Uses Dark Mode. If it's not available, toggles it with the Dark Reader extension.

Uses Microsoft Edge.

Developed extensions for Chromium and VSCode.

Is a great developer with over 97,000 (top 0.16% overall) reputation on Stack Overflow and kyu 2 on CodeWars.

Has a gold badge in JavaScript and C# on Stack Overflow.

Visited Google's office twice. One time in Belo Horizonte and another time in São Paulo.

Thinks in English talking with his own voice inside his head.

Speaks fluent English and Portuguese.

Worked exclusively in English with native Americans for over 5 years.

Is a Full Stack developer.

Has no intention to live abroad.

Works Remotely.

Used to play MMOs and lead guilds.

Member of Stack Overflow since May 13, 2010.

Member of GitHub since Apr 3, 2011.