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Bruno is a preternaturally gifted software engineer, but it is not in that capacity where he truly has distinguished himself from the many technical professionals with whom I have interacted.

A good software developer will generate the appropriate solution for the question posed. A virtuoso like Bruno conceives of the question I never thought to ask and subsequently surfaces the insight that might otherwise have remained hidden.

In addition to the tools he implements and the pace at which those actions are executed, he also manages to grasp the broader business goals that underpin the request.

He is mathematically-savvy, intellectually-rigorous, and challenges those around him to improve the clarity of their thinking, reasoning, and coding. He sees potential improvements in everything from lines of javascript to business operations - then takes the initiative to ensure that potential is realized.

Bruno isn’t the dev you hire because you need a better app (though certainly, he would succeed). Bruno is the dev you hire because you need to run a better business.

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Bruno is an amazing software developer and a really smart person overall! His combination of intelligence, commitment, technical proficiency, and an ownership mentality sets him apart. He is remarkably intelligent and quickly grasps complex concepts and ideas. He regards each project not just as a set of tasks but treats them as if they were his own. He's invested, proactive, and seizes every challenge as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Moreover, Bruno effortlessly combines his technical skills with impressive communication abilities. He knows how to explain highly technical information in an easily understandable way, which fosters a collaborative and fruitful work environment. His readiness to assist his team members exemplifies his team-first mindset.

Really glad to had the experience to work with him and thankful for the opportunities he also gave me!

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Bruno is an amazing developer and the best problem-solving. He consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of complex coding languages, frameworks, and software development principles.

One of the qualities that truly sets Bruno apart is his unwavering dedication to his work. His commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of his code and the solutions he provides. Bruno is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that projects are completed successfully, and his ability to work under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude is truly admirable.

He is the best developer to talk about technology and code. I learned a lot from him. He helped me how to be more efficient and focused.

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I highly recommend Bruno as a developer and an expert in the JavaScript ecosystem. Having worked with him for the past few years, I have witnessed firsthand his exceptional skills and dedication. Furthermore, Bruno consistently demonstrates professionalism and a strong work ethic, which makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

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The first word that comes to my mind to describe Bruno is "DOER". He is the type of developer who transform ideas into code.

Discuss a cool app with him today and he'll probably have a first version tomorrow before you have your breakfast.

It's clear that he likes what he does and is always trying to improve, not only as a developer but also as a person.

I have been working with or next to him for almost 4 years and I can say he is smart, focused, dedicated, responsible and worried about the code and product quality. He is also always willing to help, regardless if you are on his team/project.

I really enjoy working with him and believe he will be a great asset anywhere he works.

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Hi Bruno, how are you?

Just passing by to say that me and my friend/coworker used a lot the Orkut Manager, it made our life easier to roleplay in community xD

* translated from pt to en
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I did not get a chance to thank you for the great work you have done on the project. Your organization and Project Management skills complement your dev skills.

Thank you again and I am hoping we will have a chance to work together again in the near future.

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Hi Bruno! As I mentioned this morning THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you helped us accomplish! You always had great ideas for solutions and I learned a lot from our collaborations.

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Hi Bruno!!! A little bird told me you are back on one of our projects. I'm sorry we won't be directly working together, but I'm happy to hear your name connected to a project once again! I just wanted to say Hi! Hope you are doing really awesome!

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random thing: i think [redacted project name] got to a point that its so good for me, that it deserves its own monitor , or maybe i just reaaaly like adding monitors haha

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I worked for an agency that had clients such as Samsung, BioCentury, Protocol Labs, EVgo and others.

protocol labs
ae studio

In another agency they had clients like Tribal Group, Santander, Sebrae, Softplan, and others.


The work that I'm most proud of is the work that I did for those agencies, more than the work I did with them. I really like to improve systems, increase agency.